5 Things I Love About The BMW E90 3 Series

This blog comes off the back of a YouTube video where I discuss the five things I love most about the E90 generation BMW 3 Series. If you want to watch this video, simply click on it below. If you don’t want to watch; fear not, as this blog will reveal my five favourite things too.

  1. The Mirrors

The mirrors are one of my favourite things about the car. When I first sat in an E90, they were the first things I noticed. My reason for liking them is that they are round, or ellipse shaped. This was done for aerodynamic reasons I assume but I love that they are different to the normal squared or rectangle mirrors on most cars, even though it makes no difference at all to their effectiveness.


2. The Air Vents

This is a very strange one I know! Around ten years ago a racing game called Race 07 came out which I loved and played a lot! It was a touring car game featuring the 2006 and 2007 World Touring Car Series. This was the time when the E90 was being used as a race car. My favourite view from the game was one above the dashboard looking out through the windscreen. From this view you could see the air vent on the top of the dashboard which I loved. I know it’s stupid and crazy to love an air vent but I do and this is my article so there.


3. It’s a Race Car

My third reason for loving this car is it’s pedigree. Admittedly on the other end of the spectrum to this 320i, the E90 raced very successfully in touring cars. It was a 320si, which was also homologated with a limited run of road cars, that took to the track. Although most road going cars have next to nothing in common with the race car, i think if you close your eyes almost completely and use your imagination, you are able to see the race car’s livery on your road car.


4. The Door Handles

Again a little odd, but the door handles on the E90 are pretty trick because they are illuminated! I think this was the first BMW to have this though I doubt it was the first car ever to have them. Each door handle has three LEDs underneath which light up when the car is unlocked. This makes it much easier to see the door handles at night but it also looks cool when there are four LED projections running down the side of the car.


5. It’s a 3 Series

Yes, my last reason for loving the E90 is like all 3 Series, it’s a great driver. When it was new, every review said it was the most fun car to drive in it’s class. It might not have been the most comfortable or the most practical but it always brought the biggest smile. This really helped me as this is the first car I drive, so being able to have a bit of fun even in the lower powered models was great!


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