Geneva’s Concept & Quirky Side

Today is the final day of the 2017 Geneva International Motor Show. Everybody has talked in detail about the new releases from the big hitting, well established marks, but to round off the event I am acquainting you with my top seven concepts cars from this year’s show.

Artego Scalo Superelletra

The name means ‘electric’ and ‘super lightweight’. This is a new electric performance car from Germany. From the outside it is one of the more conservative looking concepts as it still resembles a ‘car’ shape we are used to.  It has four electric motors, each powering one of the wheels, making it four wheel drive. The figures are impressive with over 1,000bhp and 1620Nm. It will reach 100km/h in only 2.7 seconds and go onto a top speed of 300km/h.


Pininfarina Fitipaldi EF7

This is a cool one. Imagine if a Formula 1 driver told a car maker what his perfect car would be like, and then they made it. That’s exactly what this is. Two-time F1 champion Emerson Fitipaldi worked with legendary Italian designers Pininfarina to make his dream track car. The design philosophy centres around a shark, while power comes from an old school naturally aspirated V8. There is a carbon fibre monocoque and everyone who buys one will also have personal driver coaching from Emerson himself. You will also be entered into a club where you can partake in organised track events with other EF7 owners.


Hyundai FE Fuel Cell

Perhaps not one of the most exciting, but definitely one of the most important. Hydrogen has the potential to be the future power source of the automobile if anyone can figure out to make it work successfully. Hyundai’s latest Hydrogen powered car is in the form of an SUV crossover, like everything else is these days. It’s design was inspired by water, which is the only exhaust emission. Hyundai claim it will do 500 miles on a tank of….. liquid hydrogen, and it will be available in early 2018.



The Dendrobium is Singapore’s first attempt at car production. We don’t know an awful lot about this car other than it looks very futuristic. What we do know is that it has an automated synchronised roof and doors which can resemble the opening of a dendrobium flower and a fully carbon fibre interior. I guess that’s pretty cool.

Zenvo Z10

Zenvo have been around for a little while now and have become known for making alternative supercars for those who feel Ferraris and Lamborghinis just aren’t exclusive enough. The Z10 is their latest creation and has a 5.8 litre twin supercharged V8 that makes 1163bhp. Zenvo claim that the gear changes take just 40 milliseconds. On the design front, it is made to look assertive and not necessarily aggressive; like a lion stalking its prey. And yes, that is straight from Zenvo’s press release.


Techrules Ren

This is definitely one of the wacky concepts we expect from motor shows. However, it is not a concept but the final design for a production car. Techrules is a Chinese company but have enlisted Italians for the design. It is a three seater sports car with a hydraulic roof. Available in a couple of power variations, the most powerful has two electric motors at the front, and four at the rear. All of this electricity propels the Ren to 100km/h in just 2.5 seconds. However, it is very heavy at 1700kg. The reasons for the weight is the complicity. There are two diesel tanks to fuel turbines to drive generators to feed batteries to power the motors. pfft.


Italdesign Zerouno

Possibly one the worst names in the history of cars, the Zerouno is really a Lamborghini Hurucan made less attractive and more expensive. The engine is the exact same 5.2 V10 and even the designers are ex Lamborghini. Speaking of the design, I initially thought it looked very good from the front but when you study it, there are so many lines that you cannot keep up. Only five will be made and they will have fully carbon fibre bodies.


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