2018 VW Arteon

Volkswagen’s star of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is their new Arteon. The Arteon is VW’s replacement for the very popular Passat CC. It is still based on the Passat platform but has now been given its own model due to the CC’s success. With the Arteon, VW aims to challenge the premium car makers such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi.

Der neue Volkswagen Arteon

The design is a little similar to that of the Passat, but this is more coupe like being lower, wider and more sporty looking. It has the proportions of a grand tourismo. The coupe styling is extenuated by frameless windows and the wrap around bonnet minimising visible panel lines from the front. The rear hatch opens very wide and reveals the biggest boot space in its class. Inside the long wheelbase allows generous leg and head room for all five passengers. I like the design very much and think it is much more attractive than the Passat.

Der neue Volkswagen Arteon

Powertrain options come in the form of three turbocharged petrol TSI engines as well as three diesel TDI engines. The least powerful has an adequate 150PS while the range topping 280PS variant will come with a seven speed DSG gearbox and four wheel drive as standard. Tasty.

Der neue Volkswagen Arteon

Technology in the Arteon is impressive too. Adaptive Cruise Control with semi-autonomous driving is available and will keep you in the current lane without driver input. Headlights are now full LED, and if you want to impress your mates, you can opt for the cornering headlights that use cameras and the navigation system to anticipate upcoming corners and illuminate them as you turn in. Cool, eh?

Expect the Arteon to arrive in showrooms later this year and have a slightly higher price tag than the Passat.

All photo rights go go the Volkswagen group.



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