McLaren 720s

McLaren have made themselves one of the stars of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show by unveiling their new 720S to the world. This is the second generation of the brand’s super series and replaces the now quite dated 650s. Now delivering a namely 720PS, this is lighter, faster and dynamically more capable than its predecessor. By initial impressions, McLaren have succeeded in producing yet another very desirable and impressive super car.


The design, while instantly recognisable as a McLaren, is unlike what we have seen before from the Woking outfit. Looks are very subjective but I find them very appealing and a huge step forward from the 650S which is only three years old. The 720S looks like it has come from three years in the future. The headlights, for example, are cover less and also allow airflow around them and into the bodywork. The bonnet features vents which release air taken in from under the nose, making for reductions in drag and more air where it is needed, to cool the engine.


A particularly pleasing aspect of the design and a change from the McLarens we have seen before is the lack of air intakes at the side of the car to cool the mid mounted engine. Instead the 720S has slots cut into the doors that now take their air from above the car rather than alongside. This makes for a more aesthetically graceful side profile and further aerodynamic efficiency. McLaren’s signature carbon fibre chassis has also been further refined and a new carbon fibre tub is even more rigid than before.


The engine is a new one. The M480T is a 4.0 Twin Turbo V8 and makes 720Ps and 770Nm. It propels the 720S to 100km/h in under three seconds and on to a top speed of 212mph. As well as being more efficient than the previous motor it is also more efficient with a claimed 10.7l/100km. Mated to the engine is a seven speed transmission and it puts its power down with thanks to 305 section rear tyres while the fronts are 245s. The wheels are 19″ at the front and 20″ at the rear.


In the cabin, we can see the revolutionary McLaren driver Interface which is a completely digital cluster on a screen. This Driver Display also folds down for track driving with an emphasis on the rev lights and current gear. This provides less distraction for driving and better visibility, and I love that. The interior is also very bright with extensive use of glass and there is also a good amount of storage space.


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