Pagani Huayra Roadster

Pagani have just released pictures and information of their forthcoming Huayra Roadster. Based on the coupe launched in 2011, the roadster offers more of the same Italian magic while allowing a cool breeze to keep your hair windswept. Oddly, the Roadster is 80 kg lighter than the coupe and even more powerful. The weight reduction comes from further refinement and extensive use of their composite material; Carbo-Titanium, a mix of carbon fibre and titanium. In Pagani’s own words, the roadster is the ‘rebellious sister’ of the pair.


The design of the Huayra Roadster while instantly recognisable as a Huayra is ‘completely new’. Pagani have revised every last detail, albeit only slightly in some cases. The mouth of the car is more aggressive and pronounced. Personally, I always found the Huayra to lack that something special in the looks department in comparison to its predecessor, the Zonda. This new roadster I fear still appears to me just a little too soft or rounded at the front. One thing I can say have been beautifully sculpted are the roll bars, they really are a thing of beauty. Importantly, all of this styling is there to serve a purpose and be as aerodynamically efficient as possible.


Pagani take great pride in their craftsmanship and this new model carry’s on the tradition of purposefully exposing every mechanical part. Even the gearbox is behind glass rather than the usual plastics and alcantaras of such cars. Speaking of the gearbox, it is a brand new seven speed system. Unusually for a car with such astonishing performance figures, there is no double clutch transmission, but this does mean a saving in weight as they are very heavy.


The chassis has been made completely of composite materials said to be more advanced than what is currently being used in Formula 1. Chassis stiffness has been increased by an incredible 52% while all weighing 80 kg less than the coupe. Bolted to the chassis is a reworked version of Mercedes AMG’s 6.0 Twin Turbo V12 also found in the coupe. It now produces 764bhp and, even with huge turbos, is said to give immediate throttle response.


Keeping the car on the road are Pirelli’s top of the line PZero Corsa tyres. Brembo brakes are given the important job of stopping the beast while the new Electronic Stability Programme help the driver stay on the road. It features five different modes, from a very cautious ‘wet’ mode to ‘off’ mode where computers give no assistance to a driver who has run out of road or talent, or both.

Only 100 Huayra Roadster’s will be produced and each carries a price tag of a cool €2,280,000. Even if you just won the EuroMillions, is have some bad news for you. They’re all sold out.



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