The New Lamborghini Aventador S

Lamborghini is an icon, and their flagship supercar has always been the one to have on your eight year old self’s bedroom wall. They have never been the best at making the best driving cars, that would be their Italian and German counterparts. However, from the Muira to the Countach and currently the Aventador, they are the epitome of children’s dream cars. So when it comes to reinventing their Aventador for its mid life facelift, Lamborghini have to be very careful about bettering it while still retaining the madness that makes it so appealing to youngsters.


In terms of the styling of the new Aventador S, its hardly a big change, in fact many people wouldn’t notice many differences at all. Looking very closely, you begin to see it does look a little more aggressive than before with some sharper lines inspired by nature and aeronautics according to Lamborghini. The new hexagonal exhaust pipe is meant to be taken from a space shuttle. Added front end revisions resemble the fins of a shark. These changes are not just cosmetic however and front downforce has been increased by 130%. Might this aid infamous Lamborghini understeer? As well as that, new side air vents reduce turbulence, help cooling and improve overall efficiency.


The interior has been renovated too. The mission here was to be different from all others, have the cutting edge of technology but also be incredibly luxurious at the same time. Available on the S model is the option to choose innovative material such as Carbon Skin and to have certain parts of the carbon body left exposed. A new LCD instrument panel houses redesigned graphics that look as spaceship like as before.


Getting down to the gritty technical specs now, the Aventador S features an innovative system called Lamborghini Active Vehicle Dynamics. This is a system of active technologies that manage each of the dynamic axles. For the first time in a Lamborghini, the Aventador S features four wheel steering. Like other similar systems, at low speeds the rear axle will turn in an opposite direction to the front axle, providing a virtually shorter wheelbase to improve agility. At higher speeds the rear axle turns with the front axle to lengthen the wheelbase and provide a more stable drive. On the suspension side of things, magneto-rheological shock absorbers work with a pushrod system to constantly adapt to the road surface and provide the best ride. Like the previous generation the new model will have four wheel drive with a bias to the rear, for a more fun driving experience. The locking differential remains mechanical.


The engine is a development of the same 6.5 V12 in the original Aventador. It now produces 740bhp which is up on the measly 700bhp before. Top speed is a not so shabby 217mph while the 0-100 time remains the same at 2.9 seconds. Tyres are as massive as expected 255/30s in the front surround 20 inch rims while the rear 21 inch are covered with huge 355/25s. Carbon ceramics come as standard on the Avnetador S. Finally the new car will return 18mpg on the motorway with a poisonous 394g/Co2 per km. Just as it should be then!


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