2017 Opel Insignia Grand Sport

Opel have released pictures of their latest saloon, the Insignia Grand Sport as well as some information on the car that will be officially unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March. The Insignia is Opel’s largest saloon and is pitched against the likes of the Ford Mondeo, Volkswagen Passat and Mazda 6 while also trying to grab the attention of those looking for a smaller German executive saloon such as a 3-Series or a C-Class.


Styling wise, this car has been made look much more elegant and sophisticated than its predecessor. It now looks very German, wide and low at the front with simple yet strong lines running back. The bonnet features a hump, for lack of a better word, in the middle which is probably needed to add something to what would otherwise be a very wide, bare and flat area. I’ll wait to see this in the flesh to come to a full conclusion on what I think about it. I think the front three quarter view is the most flattering. The rear is quite predictable, not very beautiful but not exactly ugly either.

Although no photos have been released by Opel of the interior, they say that there will be a frameless touchscreen that will house many controls to simplify the interface. There will be three sets of controls, presumably in the centre console where everything will be operated from. The top one deals with the infotainment system, the middle with the heating and climate options, while the bottom will be driver controls. As with all Opels I imagine a clean interior wit good build quality.


Opel is very proud of their new ‘Matrix’ LED headlight system. They consider lighting to be a large part of the safety of the car, and the new headlights can now stretch up to four hundred meters ahead. More safety technology can be found in the bonnet. In a collision with a pedestrian, the bonnet will lift in milliseconds, giving more clearance between the bonnet and the engine. This is aimed to give the pedestrian a softer impact. More options on the Insignia will also include the semi-autonomous drive mode with automatic lane keep assist. The new model is up to 175kg lighter than the current Insignia and more aerodynamically efficient with a drag coefficient of 0.26.

Opel’s OnStar system will also be on the new Grand Sports. It offers services from breakdown assistance to stolen vehicle assistance. With this new Insignia, OnStar will now have a personal assistant to help you with tasks such as navigation and booking hotel rooms from the road. As the car needs an internet connection for this, WiFi will be available for occupants too.


The grand sport will see Opel’s new four wheel drive system which also features torque vectoring, the first time an Opel features this. Also on offer is the new eight speed automatic transmission. Power will come from a range of turbocharged engines likely around the 2.0 litre mark.


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