Nico Rosberg Retires From Formula 1

Yes. Nico Rosberg has retired from Formula 1 just five days after being crowned as the new World Champion. It was announced via a statement released across social media and also by Rosberg himself speaking at a press conference before the FIA prize giving where he will receive his World Championship trophy.

Nico Rosberg celebrating with his Mercedes team after winning the 2016 World Championship.

Why has Rosberg Retired?

Rosberg briefly explained in his statement his reasons for choosing to retire. He begins by saying how he feels he has achieved what he has always wanted to achieve. His main motivation seems to be family. “This season”, he says, “it was so damn tough”. Rosberg had a baby girl in August 2015 with his wife Vivian. He described this year as “a whole family effort of sacrifice”. The championship came first this year which must have been tough on the family not being able to spend as much time together as they would like.

Nico Rosberg with his wife, Vivian, and daughter, Alaia.

Is he right?

I think he is. I respect the decision immensely, it wasn’t an easy one and  I don’t remember this ever being done before. Sometimes we forget that athletes and sportspeople are in some way like the rest of us mere mortals. They have other commitments which are more than often neglected during their racing career. Rosberg began racing when he was just six years old. At that age, he had one dream and that was to be the best in the world. After climbing through the motorsport ladder he finally won the Formula 1 title. For him, that was enough. Will people say he was afraid about losing to Hamilton again next year? Yes they will, but frankly I don’t think he could care less.

Where does that leave us now?15138380_10154797935094874_5649094335706645693_o

It leaves us with a happy family and more interestingly it leaves us with an empty Mercedes seat. Who will replace Rosberg for 2017? Well, I have some ideas…

Check back tomorrow for an article covering my thoughts on the possible replacements.



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