Nico Rosberg: A Deserving World Champion

Today saw the final race of the 2016 Formula One World Championship. After an interesting race that included Lewis Hamilton driving as slowly as he could trying to back up his teammate in hopes of becoming a four time champion, we finally had a new champion. This is the first time since 2010 that a driver has won for the first time and an overall good day for the sport of Formula 1.

Nico Rosberg celebrates with his team after finishing second in the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, securing his World Championship.

However, after a hard fought battle all year with Lewis Hamilton, many say that Rosberg does not deserve to be champion because Hamilton has had so much bad luck this year. I can definitely see where this thinking comes from. Hamilton has a much larger fan base than the German. Also, Hamilton is arguably the best driver on the grid. In all the wheel to wheel races between the two on the track over the last three year of Mercedes dominance, Rosberg has never beaten Hamilton.

After celebratory donuts Rosberg leaps from his Mercedes in joy.

All of this aside, the World Champion is crowned based purely on who has the most points come the chequered flag in Abu Dhabi. This year that happened to be Rosberg. Let me address the argument that he doesn’t deserve it. Yes, it is true that Hamilton has had more bad luck than Rosberg in 2016, and yes, the Mercedes is so good that if one of them has an issue, the other has an easy path to victory. Mechanical failures are a part of motorsport though. From karting at a local level to the pinnacle that is Formula One. Who knows, maybe Hamilton made choices of a more aggressive approach that backfired. Besides, nobody seems to remember all the unfortunate events that meant Massa lost out in 2008. I don’t think anybody ever said Hamilton didn’t deserve that title! What goes around comes around.

More celebrations. This time after the podium where Nico takes a selfie with Mercedes team members and fellow German Sebastian Vettel.

I think its a good thing for the sport to have Rosberg a world champion. I personally find him much more likable than Hamilton, and he has been so close on two previous occasions. Anyway, Hamilton has had his time. He is a triple world champion. Had he won it would have been just another trophy. To Rosberg though, it is the realization of a childhood dream, and this was very visible as he was on the verge of tears when collecting his 2nd place trophy on the podium. I’m sure Mercedes will also be very happy for Rosberg to finally win. Rosberg is a great ambassador for Mercedes, being very diplomatic and very German, of course.

I hope Rosberg is well received as a world champion because he does deserve it.


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