Mercedes X-Class Concept

Mercedes have just revealed plans to produce pick up trucks. Yes, Mercedes pick up trucks. That is a pick up with a three pointed star on the front. As of yet it is merely a concept but rumor has it production will begin in 2017.

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS
Mercedes X-Class powerful adventurer (left) and stylish explorer (right)

The truck will be based on the platform of the Nissan Navara, Nissan’s own pick up. Mercedes sees South America, Europe, South Africa and Australia as key markets for the X-Class. There will be two models of the X-Class available, the powerful adventurer and the stylish explorer.

Mercedes-Benz Concept X-CLASS ā€“ Erster Ausblick auf den neuen Pickup mit Stern
Mercedes X-Class powerful adventurer

Seen above, the powerful adventurer is the pick up for those who actually need an off road vehicle. As the picture shows, this model has proper beefy off road tyres. Also, there are rails on the sides of the bed for tying large items that a mountaineer might need.

Mercedes X-Class stylish explorer

In contrast, the stylish explorer variant looks to be much more at home on the streets of London as an alternative to a Range Rover. It is essentially a fashion accessory. The road tyres will be of little help if tacking a dirt track, and I wouldn’t like to scuff up those massive alloys on any bits of debris.

So far, nothing has been said about the choice of engines, but it will surely be a selection of torque-y diesels. We will wait to hear any further details and see the X-Class on the roads in a couple of years.


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  1. I definitely feel that the X-Class would instantly become a Chelsea Tractor too! XD The rear of the truck is very interesting and rugged however, but I can’t help but feel that the black plastic is very cheap and very Ford…

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