Potholes: the Enemy of the Motorist

Potholes are one of the biggest annoyances on the roads worldwide. Nothing is more infuriating than not spotting a gaping big hole in the road and feeling sorry for both your car and your spine. Ireland, much like every country, has a huge problem with potholes. There’s hardly anywhere you can go to escape them. And it’s not just potholes but also shoddy road repairs that leave very uneven surfaces all over the roads.

It’s not like the potholes are simply an irritation on the road, no. They also serve as a serious safety hazard. Firstly, the primary damage they can cause to a car is quite substantial. Hitting a decent size pothole at speed can easily damage to the tyres, buckle the wheel or cause suspension damage. Every year, hundreds of thousands of euro is spent on repairing pothole damage in Ireland alone.

Many potholes cannot even be seen if it is wet as the water tends to fill the hole. Especially if the area is flooded, drivers are forced to pray that they don’t hit one as they pass.

Cyclists too are having to deal with the pothole situation. It is very much a safety hazard for cyclists as hitting a pothole on a bicycle could easily knock you off. To avoid this, they have to swerve out of the way, which can often put them in harm’s way of cars and pedestrians.

Even if you remove the cyclists from the matter, car drivers also have to swerve to avoid potholes. This can then put them on a collision course with other cars, or put either cyclists or pedestrians in a compromising position.

Potholes main pic

So how can they be fixed? Well the answer should be simple enough; you get some concrete and pour it in the whole, right? The problem here is I have absolutely no confidence in the road repair teams to create an even surface when its filled. They can’t appear to do this when the pull up the roads every other week for fun so why should they be able to do it here? In many cases when a pothole is filled, it replaced by a bump, which isn’t any better.

The best way probably to eliminate potholes is to plan roads and developments much better so the roads don’t have to be dug up, as most potholes arise after roadworks have been done anyway!


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