The new BMW 5 Series

Thursday October 13th saw BMW reveal images of the new 5 Series which will go on sale in 2017. This model is named the G30 and will take over from the current F10 which was introduced in 2010.


The design language has clearly been inspired by the new 7 Series. The larger kidney grills and headlights which are attached to them is very similar to the big brother, giving the front a wider and more aggressive stance. The side profile sees the air vent behind the front wheels being brought over from other models. Finally, the rear is once again orientated toward sportiness. The rear lights feature the signature L shape and are stretched to the side of the car to appear more rounded. Overall, the new 5 Series is larger in every dimension than the outgoing model, however is over 100kg lighter thanks to excessive use of aluminium and magnesium.


Choices of engines is as you would expect. The incredibly well selling diesels will no doubt rule the market in Ireland. The most popular will be the cheapest 520d with a 2.0 diesel. A more powerful 3.0 diesel will also be available. Despite this, I hope petrol power will sell relatively well as, well they’re just miles better! The 530i will have a pretty economical 2.0 4 cylinder while the 540i features a 3.0 inline 6. That’s what I want. There will also be an M550i Which was has a 4.4 V8 and will accelerate to 100km/h faster than the current M5. An honorable mention is also the 530e which runs the 330e drive train. A 2.0 petrol working with an electric motor capable of reaching 100km/h in under 6 seconds while emitting less than 50g Co2/km. Hopefully people buy this!


The interior looks to be a massive jump. The architecture is similar to the 7 Series and looks remarkable. It is also packed full of technology such as driving aids which will keep the car in lane on motorways, assisted braking to help avoid collisions, gesture control and a optional 10.1 inch touchscreen display for the iDrive system. I cannot wait to see this in the flesh!


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  1. I am still not fully sold on the exterior of the new 5-Series, however the amount of luxury you get for the money is incredible! I am starting to get tired of this new trend where manufacturers combine the chrome of the grille into the headlight, it worked for some time but now its just boring as everyone is copying it. I love the style of your site btw, and a well written article as always! 🙂

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