Paris 2016: LaFerrari Aperta

The showstopper of the Paris Motor Show 2016 has to be the public unveiling of the LaFerrari Aperta. This is the topless sister to the Italian marque’s signature dish, the LaFerrari.


The power train has been brought directly over from the coupe. The same 6.3 NA V12 is still mated to  an energy recovery electric system producing to total power output of around 960bhp. That is good enough to reach 62 mph in three seconds flat and at the top end, it wont
stop until it reaches 217 mph. Although at that speed you’re hair might be in a bit of a state!


Styling wise the Aperta only visually differs from the hardtop where the roof is supposed to be. However, there are some changes Ferrari had to make underneath. Most notably, radiators have been re positioned to now send the hot air under the car rather than over in the coupe, to avoid it reaching the cabin. The chassis has been stiffened and aerodynamic changes both ensure it has the same rigidity and drag coefficient as its counterpart.


The LaFerrari is a very limited production car with only 500 coupes made, a handful of mental track-only FXXKs. Rumor has it only 70 Apertas will see production and naturally, they are all sold.


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    1. Cheers man! Liking your blog too! Personally I feel there’s not much they could have done as its still a LaFerrari, hopefully the next model will be more of a step!

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