Paris 2016: Audi RS3 Saloon

One of my personal favorites from Paris this year is the RS3 Saloon. I love the A3 Saloon styling and it is probably by favorite Audi at the moment in terms of aesthetics, yes I include the A7 and R8 in that too! So naturally I was thrilled to hear Audi were expanding the RS3 line to include a model with a boot.



A revised version of the impressive 2.5 TFSI engine as will be in the RS3 hatchback is being used. The engine produces 400 BHP and 354 lb ft of torque. This means the RS3 can properly move. 0-100km/h comes up in just 4.1, quick enough to make supercars nervous. And it doesn’t tail off at the top end either, with the top speed being electronically limited to 174 mph.



As with all RS products, Audi takes the standard car and adds some sharper lines, gives it a wider track and flares up the arches a little. The RS3 also features massive exhausts and a mean looking diffuser. Air ducts have also been added in the front to aid cooling of the engine and the brakes. A lip spoiler can also be seen on the boot.


I love the look of this car and think it will be incredibly fun on the roads.


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