Paris 2016: The BMW X2

The Paris Motor show 2016 has kicked off! One of the highlight cars of the show is the newly unveiled BMW X2. Yes, yet another new BMW to fill a niche market we never knew existed. This is becoming quite a trend with the X4, 4 Series Grand Coupe and 3 Series Gran Tourismo all coming out of nowhere but all have done surprisingly well.

What is the BMW X2?

The X2 is a small cross over vehicle. Somewhat of a hybrid between coupe and off-roader. This is in line with the other even numbered X models in the X6 and X4 putting a sportier spin in the X5 and X3 respectively, with this being based upon the X1.



I should stress at this point that this is a concept. However, I don’t doubt it will make production and see it being sooner rather than later. It is also an insight to where BMW sees the X6 ans X4 going in the future. Being a concept, the design will surely be softened though don’t expect it to look entirely different. In saying that, I fully expect to production car to have some means to open the doors other than mind control, and rubber tyres will probably be used rather than the seemingly plastic ones on display in Paris. One notable mention however is the BMW emblem on the rear quarter panel, a throwback  to the M1 Supercar. Will this be seen again in new BMW models??


Of course, no talk has yet been heard about price or engine options. I think if it hit the market today as it appears on the Paris stage, it would be priced between the X4 and X6. This is mainly because of the more hatchback tourer look than the standard Sports Activity Vehicle the X4 is. However, it should be toned down to fit line with its X siblings and then would sit at the bottom end of the spectrum. Engine wise, I’m sure it will have the usual array of diesels as an 18d 20d and 30d while the 2 liter and 3 liter petrols should also make an appearance. A hybrid will probably be available too.





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