10 Ways to spend €10,000 on a car!

As a petrolhead, the majority of my spare time is spent searching through used car adverts to see whats on the market, even when I have no intention of buying anything. This got me thinking of all the different choices available for the same price. So I decided to write about ten different ways to spend €10,000 on a car! I scoured the sites of DoneDeal and Carzone.ie. These are the two predominant used car sites in Ireland and here’s what I came up with:

The New Choice: Volkswagen Up!

Large Image (optional)_743Some people will do anything to have the newest number plate, and that includes buying whatever they can for the money they have. Although, in this case, the Up! is actually a great car and a very sensible buy for somebody who needs a small city run-about. €10,000 will buy you a brand new with a couple of options fitted.


The Old Choice: Mercedes SL450


How would you fancy driving around in a 1978  Mercedes convertible? I quite like that idea! €10,000 will grab you this beauty which can be taxed in Ireland for just €56 a year. A perfect summer cruiser and something to be proud at any car event!


The Sales Rep Choice: Audi A4


A solid, reliable, German saloon that will return decent economy figures and be more than happy sitting at 80mph all day long. This 2008 2.0 Tdi model is under our €10,000 cap and definitely a smart choice for anybody doing considerable motorway miles on a regular basis.


The Family Man Choice: Ford Galaxy


You have five children and a whole lot of luggage to bring to the south of France. The only way to do this with one car will be an MPV. Why not go for the daddy of them all? The Ford Galaxy is one of the most practical cars money can buy. How much? Well, this one can be bought for €10,000.


The Business Man Choice: The Mercedes E-Class


For the business man who has to be seen to be doing well for himself, need he look no further than an E-Class. It is the ultimate statement of prestige. This particular model is a W211 model E200 kompressor but E280 CDi models are also available for the price.


The Sporty Choice: BMW Z4


You want a sports car for €10,000. The BMW Z4 will not let you down. Although looks aren’t to everyone’s taste it promises powerful engines and a great drive. For the price you can even scoop a 3.0si model. This is a fixed coupe to offer an even better driving experience.


The Luxury Choice: Mercedes S-Class


The E-Class has already featured in this list, now its the turn of its big brother. The S-Class is the flagship of the Mercedes fleet built with one purpose in mind, comfort. For the price, you could have an S320 CDi or this S320 petrol.


The Boring Choice: Ford Mondeo

Side Front Pose 2011 Ford Mondeo In Grey.jpg

The safe bet. It will get you from point A to point B and the right engines will return decent fuel economy. This is the obvious choice for somebody who needs a reasonably priced and reliable family saloon. €10,000 will buy you a 2011 or 2012 model.


The I Need To Drive Up A Mountain Choice: Land Rover Discovery


The daddy of all the off-road vehicles. It will climb every mountain and ford every stream. Jeremy Clarkson even managed to drive one to the top of a Scottish Mountain, so it will be perfectly capable for the cheeky curb mount to get a sly parking spot. €10,000 will buy you a Discovery 3.


My Choice: BMW M3


Even though there is one E39 M5 on sale right now for €7,500, it needs a LOT of work so I feel as though if I wanted to put that in decent shape it would be over the €10,000 limit we have. So, I have chosen an E46 M3. Finally they have come to this reasonably affordable price range. I don’t think there is one other car available to give as fun for the price as an E46 M3. I just can’t ignore the thrills that this will produce.



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