5 Things I Love About The BMW E90 3 Series

This blog comes off the back of a YouTube video where I discuss the five things I love most about the E90 generation BMW 3 Series. If you want to watch this video, simply click on it below. If you don’t want to watch; fear not, as this blog will reveal my five favourite things too. Continue reading “5 Things I Love About The BMW E90 3 Series”


2018 BMW M4 CS

Who remembers the E46 M3 CS? It was the special edition offered for the last few years of the E46’s run. Placed above the standard car and below the track focused CSL, the CS bridged the gap for those wanting a little more M3 without the sacrifice of practicality and back pains. It got the CSL steering rack, brakes and a similar alcantara steering wheel while keeping the standard engine and option of a manual transmission. It was loved then and is still very desirable. Skip forward about fifteen years and the CS name is back! Continue reading “2018 BMW M4 CS”

Ferrari 812 Superfast

Ferrari’s latest V12 Berlinetta comes in the shape of the 812 Superfast. After hearing about the car a few weeks ago, we can finally put a face to name after the covers were taken off on Ferrari’s Geneva stand. The name may be controversial to some and I agree with speculation that one of the engineer’s sons may be responsible. But that might not be a bad thing, after all a V12 Ferrari is supposed to be childish and theatrical. The 812 has big boots in the form of the much loved F12, but Ferrari claim they have built on the the predecessor’s legacy. Continue reading “Ferrari 812 Superfast”

2018 VW Arteon

Volkswagen’s star of the 2017 Geneva Motor Show is their new Arteon. The Arteon is VW’s replacement for the very popular Passat CC. It is still based on the Passat platform but has now been given its own model due to the CC’s success. With the Arteon, VW aims to challenge the premium car makers such as BMW, Mercedes and Audi. Continue reading “2018 VW Arteon”

Lamborghini Huracan Performante

The 2017 Geneva International Motor Show is introducing us to lots of new and exciting cars! One of these is Lamborghini’s new Hurucan Performante. This is the lighter, faster, more track focused version of the already impressive Hurucan. Much like the Gallardo’s Superlagerra variant, Lamborghini have fine tuned all parts of the car to squeeze out even more performance. It is 40kg lighter than the standard car and has raised eyebrows throughout the motor industry by setting a blistering 6:52.01 at the Nurburgring. Continue reading “Lamborghini Huracan Performante”

Every 2017 F1 Car Revealed

Yes, it is that time of the year again when the new breed of Formula 1 cars are revealed to the world ahead of pre-season testing and the beginning of the Championship in Australia. Every year there are a team of people from all over the world left to analyse these new cars and tell you, the fans, what to expect from the coming season. I can’t do that. What I can do, however, is detail the new designs on the cars as well as some of the obvious aerodynamic changes to note on the cars, and that is what I’m about to do here. Continue reading “Every 2017 F1 Car Revealed”

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